Transmission in Motion


Meet the Makers: Neo Muyanga

    In this session, Neo Muyanga presents the making of his recent production, ‘A Maze in Grace’, at the 34th São Paolo Art Biennale (2020). Amazing Grace was reportedly one of the hymns of solidarity that resounded spontaneously among those locals who gathered first at Ground Zero – the lower Manhattan district in New…

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“Imagining the power of a smelly robot”– Elsbeth Hoefkens

  A group of people dressed in beige costumes that distort them in many ways and make it almost impossible for them to move, share the same real but also virtual space. Immersed in the same virtual world, each participant has their own character and symbiotic role in the overall world and to each other….

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Afrofuturism and Imaginative Technological Design – Pauline Munnich

    As Dan Hassler-Forest exposed in the seminar “Janelle Monáe’s Black Utopias and the Afrofuturist Imagination”, science fiction and thinking about the human future has predominantly been a Eurocentric practice. In the seminar, through specifically focusing on Jane Monáe, Hassler-Forest illustrates how Afrofuturism focusses not just on the future but also the past and…

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Afrofuturism, Racial Capitalism and Asian Americans – Jingzhe Zhang

    The most interesting part for me in Dr. Dan Hassler-Forest’s lecture is the concept of Afrofuturism and racial capitalism. The term Afrofuturism is often used to talk about speculative fictions that express the experience and concern of African diaspora. But Afrofuturism, according to Dan, also exists as an important conceptual framework that challenges…

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Ethics of AI-art: A Case Study of Lensa – Rupsa Nag

    The seminar on ‘Social Imaginaries of Ethics and AI’ made us think through how Artificial Intelligence is imagined by its makers, its social implications and ethics. Through discussions on various aspects of AI, one that came up was the use of AI in art. This was a very interesting discussion considering the recent…

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Positions towards ChatGPT – Jingzhe Zhang

  In this seminar, Sonja Rebecca Rattay proposes a way to categorize positions towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) using two axes: utopian-dystopian and pragmatic-speculative. The utopian-dystopian axis measures the judgement of AI: is it more focused on opportunities or harms? The pragmatic-speculative axis measures the foresight in thinking about AI: is it more focused on existent…

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