Transmission in Motion


Announcement: Project “Dramaturgy for Devices”

    Maaike Bleeker receives 2,1 million euros in funding for the project “Dramaturgy for Devices: Designing Sustained Relationships with Robots and other Smart Technologies” from the Dutch Research Agenda programme Research along Routes by Consortia (NWA-ORC). This project is a collaboration between Utrecht University, TUDelft, VU and UTwente and a great number of other…

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A Networked Truth: Re-imagining technology through human values – Pauline Munnich

    During the last seminar of TiM “Imagining Feminist Cryptoeconomics” Inte Gloerich and Ania Molenda gave a workshop on blockchains and how we could potentially reimagine them as something beyond capitalism. Currently, block-chaining affordances are used to create economic systems. The workshop session asked us to rethink what would happen if we changed the…

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TiM Seminar 2023-2024

Transmission in Motion Seminar (2023-2024): “Matters of Concern”   More information will follow. In the meanwhile, please save the dates below!      

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[Recap] TiM Seminar 2022-23 “The Medium is a Medium — Intersecting Technology and Spirituality in a More-than-human World” – Evelyn Wan (UU)

  by Pauline Munnich     In the session “The Medium is a Medium” Evelyn Wan explored the intersection between technology and spirituality, reflecting on how intertwined the more-than-human world and technology have been throughout history.   Dali Wan started by showing a video about an AI experience created by the Salvador Dali Museum in…

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Book Launch: Doing Dramaturgy and What Dramaturgy Can Do

    Join us for the festive launch of Doing Dramaturgy: Thinking Through Practice (Palgrave 2023) and the revamped Dramaturgy Database of Utrecht University. Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink and Maaike Bleeker speak about making theatre as a process of thinking through practice and dramaturgy as attending to such practices of making-thinking. How can we conceptualize doing dramaturgy today…

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In Defence of Ephemerality – Chris van der Vegt

    Laura Karreman concluded her lecture in the Transmission in Motion series with a couple of elements of the imaginary surrounding motion capture in performance that she had identified. One of these items was that motion capture can enable a kind of “saviour’s complex” toward dance and performance, trying to protect the art from…

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