Transmission in Motion


“Transmission in Motion Seminar” (2017-2018)

Technological developments inform the ways information travels through media, turn archives into ‘dynarchives,’ and set knowledge cultures in motion. Such developments foreground the performativity of practices of transmission and the materiality of mediation; moreover, they point to movement and embodiment as key to both transmission and mediation. Moving images, motion capture, virtual mobility, mobile media, and haptic interfaces are some of the technologies which exemplify the way in which movement, embodiment and performativity are increasingly part of both what is captured and communicated by media, and how media afford interaction Movement, motion and gesture are also at the crux of new insights into practices of teaching and learning, health, and embodied cognition. This new centrality of movement, motion and gesture opens up a transdisciplinary terrain for research and development, and new possibilities for cross-sector collaborations between the humanities, sciences and the arts, as well as with partners from within industry, care and education. This is the terrain of Transmission in Motion.

TiM Seminar Program (2017-18)

To participate and receive additional information & readings, please send an email to RMA Students can acquire 3 EC if they attend all meetings and write blogposts after each meeting. Please register for the course via email to: and include your name, student number, master’s programme, and research school. For more information, contact Maaike Bleeker at m.a.bleeker[at]