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Subjects in Interdisciplinary Learning & Teaching (SILT)

SILT Mission and activities

The aim of the SILT group is to enhance the study of interdisciplinary education and research, as well as facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration. To achieve this, we focus on the following aspects during our meetings: (1) Work in progress: We provide peer feedback on the development of research designs and the interpretation of analysis results. (2) Emphasis on planned and ongoing research projects, such as conference presentations or almost-ready manuscripts for paper submissions. We also share our end results, including publications. (3) Sharing information about research grants and strategies to utilize alternative funding opportunities. Occasionally, we invite guest speakers for mutual inspiration and discussion.

Typically SILT

SILT is an open group, welcoming participants from any discipline, and from within or outside academia. The teams formed at SILT, which may include individuals from outside SILT, provide regular updates on joint activities. In addition to being an inclusive group, we reach out to other organizations for presentations, dissemination, and collaborations to increase the visibility of our work and interdisciplinary approaches in general.

Characteristically, SILT’s output is not limited to peer-reviewed publications. Instead, participants seek new and creative ways of dissemination, which may include products for a broader audience (e.g., online museums) and educational purposes (e.g., digital tools), and often involving non-academic partners and audiences.

Conceptualizing interdisciplinarity

SILT’s vision of research, grounded in disciplined interdisciplinarity, is open to critical scrutiny and modifications. In its most basic form, it can be summarized as follows: “Interdisciplinary studies involve the process of answering questions, solving problems, or addressing topics that are too broad or complex to be adequately handled by a single discipline. This process draws on multiple disciplines with the goal of integrating their insights to construct a more comprehensive understanding” (Repko & Szotak, 2021, p.9).

The strength of SILT lies in the diversity of its participants, who come from various backgrounds and disciplines. This diversity enables us to further reflection on the nature of interdisciplinary education and research, developing our insights into what is necessary for successful collaboration and integration. We often bring in aspects that might be overlooked or of which students, teachers, and researchers may be less aware.

For further information and inquiries, you can contact: Frank Hakemulder

SILT has created an online museum themed ‘Designing for Serendipity’.

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