Transmission in Motion


Relational Dramaturgies

The Relational Dramaturgies research group investigates collaborative creation processes and artistic strategies for staging meaning, movement and experience both within and beyond performing art contexts. The group aims to exchange expertise and shared interests, gathering themes, methods and concepts related to contemporary dramaturgy, with a focus on intra-actions between media, movement and matter involved in interdisciplinary creation processes.

Topics we are interested in are: dramaturgies of intra-actions; relational dramaturgy; relations between movement, knowledge and technology; connections between dramaturgy and embodied knowledge, ecology and new materialism. A recurring theme of interest evolves around issues of in/visibility, darkness and presence, and reflections on the type of knowledge, (care)work and labour involved in artistic creation processes, as well as the artistic strategies through which these issues can be examined, both in and beyond the theatre.

For further information and inquiries, you can contact: Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink