Transmission in Motion

Seminar Sessions

[Recap] TiM Seminar 2022-23 “The Medium is a Medium — Intersecting Technology and Spirituality in a More-than-human World” – Evelyn Wan (UU)

  by Pauline Munnich     In the session “The Medium is a Medium” Evelyn Wan explored the intersection between technology and spirituality, reflecting on how intertwined the more-than-human world and technology have been throughout history.   Dali Wan started by showing a video about an AI experience created by the Salvador Dali Museum in…

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[Recap] TiM Seminar 2022-23 “Cultural Dreams of Datafied Bodies in Contemporary Performance” – Laura Karreman (UU)

  by Pauline Munnich   In the session “Cultural Dreams of Datafied Bodies in Contemporary Performance” Laura Karreman discusses recent artworks arising from the cultural imagination of bodies in movement and motion capture. She does this by focusing on dance, illustrating the link between movement and the motion capture imaginary, drawing on her book Embodied…

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[Recap] TiM Seminar 2022-23 “Social Imaginaries of Ethics and AI” – Sonja Rebecca Rattay and Irina Shklovski (Copenhagen University) and Marco Rozendaal (TuDelft)

  by Jakob Henselmans   1. Note on the online environment Everybody should join the MIRO-board. There will be an interactive session at the end.   2.Very short introduction by Maaike Bleeker.   3. Sonja Rebecca Rattay – introduction to research: Design practices, ethics and praxis; how social imaginaries provide frames for how AI’s are…

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[Recap] TiM Seminar 2022-23 “Collaboration and Dissensus in the Experimental Arts and Innovation Policy” – Michael Century (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

  by Job Santé   During the second seminar of the Transmission in motion seminar programme Michael Century presented his recently published book Northern Sparks:  Innovation, Technology Policy and the Arts in Canada from Expo 67 to the Internet Age, In doing so he illustrated the ways in which Canadian policy-making had shaped the ways…

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“What Follows for Students & Society in the 2020s? 3 Speculative Futures for Education & Technology” (Recorded Session)

This is the 7th and last session of the TiM seminar which took place via Microsoft Teams. This session begins with a conversation between Felicitas Macgilchrist and Rianne van Lambalgen about three possible futures for education and technology, especially in light of the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Their conversation will draw on a “social science fiction”,…

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