Transmission in Motion


Transmission in Motion Seminar (2021-2022): “Practices of Translation”

This year’s Transmission in Motion seminar is about radical translation: not in the sense of (linguistic) translation from source to target, but in the sense of relational and transversal practices. In this latter sense, practices of translation affect all parties and perspectives that emerge from and participate in the process. Translation, then, happens in-between media, spaces, and disciplines that emerge anew in each translatory practice and that come out of the practice trans-formed. Radical translation, then, is non-linear (but causal, nonetheless) and requires both criticality and creativity on part of the researcher/translator. Such an analytical stance often necessitates collaborative methods and didactics. The seminar sessions feature projects of researchers who switched disciplines and did not forget where they came from, who study translation between thinking and making projects as a two-way street, and/or who work on the new concepts, methods, and fields that emerge from such endeavors.

This seminar is partly organized in collaboration with the SIG AI in Cultural Inquiry and Art.

TiM Seminar Programme (2021-2022)

The Transmission in Motion Seminar is a more-or-less monthly gathering of researchers and students from across disciplines. To participate, please send an email to to receive additional information and readings. RMA Students can acquire 3 EC if they attend all meetings and write blog posts after each meeting. Please register at For more information, contact Maaike Bleeker at

This seminar will take place online, for the time being. If circumstances allow, it might become hybrid in the future.