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Seminar Podcast #5: “Co-creative practices and learner agency”*

The Story Of Foundation, a concept imagined towards lifelong and transversal learning, has created and produced festivals in collaboration with scientists, artists, designers, philosophers, students, anthropologists, engineers and educators towards the formation of a tribe and kinship that transverses borders and invites individuals to recognize knowledge that is produced and disseminated for the self and…

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Seminar Podcast #4: “Fourth Worlds” with Iris van der Tuin & Joost de Bloois*

On this Fourth Worlds podcast, Chris Julien invites theorists and researchers Iris van der Tuin and Joost de Bloois to talk about knowledge cultures and interdisciplinary practices in relation the particular aesthetic -and political encounters of the modern and the non-modern implied by the Fourth World, which has something important to say about “living on…

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