Transmission in Motion

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“Performing Robots Conference: Dialogues Between Theater and Robotics”

The Performing Robots Conference took stock of interactions between theatre and robotics so far and looked at possibilities for future collaboration. Over the course of three days, there were more than 25 presentations and demonstrations, which included keynote addresses by Peter Eckersall (CUNY), Maarten Lamers & Peter van der Putten (Leiden University), Petra Gemeinboeck (UNSW)…

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“Performance Lecture: Thought-Action Figures” – Jon McKenzie & Aneta Stojnic

This lecture performance focuses on performance, technology, and post-ideational thought, the reinscription of ideas with a broader spacetime suggested by Artaud, Derrida, Haraway, Lehmann, and others. What figures guide our thoughts and actions? What role might post-dramatic, post-conceptual personae and machinic genres play in rethinking the past, negotiating the present, and enacting the future? How…

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