Transmission in Motion


Creative Humanities Initiative

Departing from the notion that knowledge is not just transmitted in motion, but created in motion, the Creative Humanities Initiative highlights the embodied, situated, and transformative nature of scholarly work. This “creative a priori” entails that creativity is a central component of analysis, both as its object and as part of its method. The aim of this group is therefore, on the one hand, to study creativity as found across social, scientific, and artistic practices, framing creativity in terms of its processual character as well as its distribution across time and space, and over a network of people, media, institutions, and traditions. On the other, it is to employ a meta-perspective and to feed back this understanding of creativity into our own work as researchers and educators, using methods such as experimental ethnography, collaborative mapping, dramaturgical analysis, and diffractive reading to explore the speculative, affirmative, and productive nature of our work.

For further information and inquiries, you can contact: Nanna Verhoeff