Transmission in Motion

Postdoc Projects

“Notation Cultures in Contemporary Music” – dr. Floris Schuiling

Just like there are writing systems besides the alphabet, there are numerous ways of notating music other than modern staff notation. However, musicological understanding of notation, and indeed of music itself, remains firmly based on staff notation. The growing study of music as performance has challenged the centrality of the score in music studies but…

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“Projecting Knowledge: the Magic Lantern as a Tool for Mediated Science Communication in the Netherlands, 1880-1940” – dr. Nico de Klerk

Within this project, the focus is on the extramural activities of academics in transferring their knowledge to wider publics in illustrated lectures (in Dutch: “lezingen met lichtbeelden”). The aim of the research is to write a number of biographical sketches of academics in various disciplines, their ways of engaging various target audiences with their slides…

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