Transmission in Motion


Transmission in Motion Seminar (2020-2021): “Knowledge in Making – Design by Doing”

This year’s Transmission in Motion seminar finds itself inspired by approaches to knowing that zoom in on experimental practices of ‘making’. Making, here, is understood as a form of ‘design by doing’. Such practices of designing a technological device, an artistic concept or a didactic plan embrace unpredictability and contingency by refraining from adhering to step-by-step methods or tick-box approaches. The very point of the practices is to design the most suitable method or approach in ‘the now’ by following the complex interplays of social and technological affordances and constraints. Engineers and makers in studios and makerspaces design by doing by responding productively to both parameters set and opportunities emerging in dynamic situations and environments. More and more scholars participate in these co-creative settings thus innovating the research process. 

TiM Seminar Programme (2020-2021)

The Transmission in Motion Seminar is a more-or-less monthly gathering of researchers and students from across disciplines. To participate, please send an email to to receive additional information and readings. RMA Students can acquire 3 EC if they attend all meetings and write blog posts after each meeting. Please register at For more information, contact Maaike Bleeker at

Header Image: by Pexels from Pixabay