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“Performance Lecture: Thought-Action Figures” – Jon McKenzie & Aneta Stojnic

This lecture performance focuses on performance, technology, and post-ideational thought, the reinscription of ideas with a broader spacetime suggested by Artaud, Derrida, Haraway, Lehmann, and others. What figures guide our thoughts and actions? What role might post-dramatic, post-conceptual personae and machinic genres play in rethinking the past, negotiating the present, and enacting the future? How to navigate the ladders and trees and grasses of this world and others? How might one become a thought-action figure?

This performance lecture was part of the TiM Seminar Series 2017-2018                Date: May 23 2018                                                                                                                        Location: Theaterzaal of Parnassos (Kruisstraat 201, Utrecht)

You can read some reflections on this lecture by our students here.