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Seminar Podcast #4: “Fourth Worlds” with Iris van der Tuin & Joost de Bloois*

On this Fourth Worlds podcast, Chris Julien invites theorists and researchers Iris van der Tuin and Joost de Bloois to talk about knowledge cultures and interdisciplinary practices in relation the particular aesthetic -and political encounters of the modern and the non-modern implied by the Fourth World, which has something important to say about “living on a damaged planet” as Anna Tsing puts it. Proposing both geopolitics of situated knowledge and a creative principle of knowledge production that does not choose sides, Fourth Worlds circulate cosmologies and epistemologies on equal footing. Yet, they do so rooted in the material and lived practices of their progenitors, attesting to an irreversible entanglement of cultural and epistemic practices.


Iris van der Tuin is professor in Theory of Cultural Inquiry and director of the School of Liberal Arts at Utrecht University (The Netherlands). She co-authored New Materialism: Interviews & Cartographies (Open Humanities Press, 2012) with Rick Dolphijn, wrote Generational Feminism: New Materialist Introduction to a Generative Approach (Lexington Books, 2015), and edited Nature for Macmillan Interdisciplinary Handbooks: Gender (Macmillan Reference USA, 2016). Iris was chair of the COST Action New Materialism: Networking European Scholarship on ‘How Matter comes to Matter’ (2014-18). She is also one of the senior coordinators of Transmission in Motion.

Joost de Bloois is assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam, departments of Cultural Analysis and Comparative Literature, and has directed seminars a.o. at the Sandberg Institute, Rietveld Academy, Matadero Madrid, SMBA. He has published extensively on the nexus between art and politics in a.o. Volume!, OPEN, nY, Historical Materialism, Rethinking Marxism. de Blooijs is currently working on three research projects: Art Under Austerity: Precarity and Art in Contemporary Europe; Political Art in the Netherlands; A Communism in the Arts: Alain Badiou’s Political Aesthetics.

Chris Julienworks in the fields of public research, technology, and culture, holding a masters in Conflict Studies & Human Rights.  He currently works as a research director for Waag Amsterdam. His background in philosophy of science and in strategic design come together through a focus on interdisciplinary knowledge production and political ecology. Chris produced this podcast to complete the Transmission in Motion seminar assignment of 2019-2020. This assignment was one of the requirements for obtaining his RMA in Cultural Analysis.


List of tracks featured:

  1. Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton – A River Song – Music and Poetry of the Kesh Visible Cloaks – Keys – Lex
  2. Jigga – Huemu – iliiiilii
  3. Brian Eno & Jon Hassell – Rising Thermal 14° 16′ N; 32° 28′ E – Fourth World, Volume 1: Possible Musics
  4. AMET – Imposer Le Savoir – Anthology of contemporary music from Africa continent
  5. Sugai Ken – AKUTA – 岩石考 -yOrUkOrU-

Featured Image:

Brenna Murphy & Visible Cloaks


*This podcast was a complementary assignment of the Transmission in Motion Seminar 2019-2020.