Transmission in Motion


“Stop Building! A Moratorium on New Construction” – Charlotte Malterre-Barthes (EPFL)

    To pause new construction—even if momentarily, creates a radical thinking framework for alternatives to the current regime of space production and its suspect growth imperative. Engaging with unsettling questions, A Moratorium on New Construction envisions a massive value shift for existing buildings, infrastructure, materials, unbuilt land, earth, and the labor that holds our world together. From housing redistribution…

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The Alternative Future of Blockchain-Enabled Organization – Jingzhe Zhang

  During this workshop, I had a discussion with one of my groupmates on whether we should be optimistic about blockchain technology being applied to progressive or leftist projects. He suggested that maybe we should first of all think about non-blockchain methods. In other words, before “feminist cryptoeconomics”, do we really need cryptoeconomics? My opinion…

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Announcement: Project “Dramaturgy for Devices”

    Maaike Bleeker receives 2,1 million euros in funding for the project “Dramaturgy for Devices: Designing Sustained Relationships with Robots and other Smart Technologies” from the Dutch Research Agenda programme Research along Routes by Consortia (NWA-ORC). This project is a collaboration between Utrecht University, TUDelft, VU and UTwente and a great number of other…

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A Networked Truth: Re-imagining technology through human values – Pauline Munnich

    During the last seminar of TiM “Imagining Feminist Cryptoeconomics” Inte Gloerich and Ania Molenda gave a workshop on blockchains and how we could potentially reimagine them as something beyond capitalism. Currently, block-chaining affordances are used to create economic systems. The workshop session asked us to rethink what would happen if we changed the…

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