Transmission in Motion


TiM Seminar & Meet the Makers – See you in 2022-2023!

  Thank you for your participation in 2021-2022 Transmission in Motion Seminars & Meet the Makers. Details for the sessions in the upcoming season (2022-2023) will be updated in September 2022. In the meanwhile, you can read about TiM Seminar 2021-2022, and past Meet the Makers events. Also, feel free to read student blog posts…

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The possibility of criticising the technical – Martin Essemann

    The framing of music as writing, as fundamentally techical in the broadest sense, and the implicit inflation of technics and culture that seemed to underly the presentation, is perhaps a delayed response in the field of musicology to the questions about Modernism in visual art that arose in the middle of the last…

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“Multisensory storytelling – Dancing by looking” – Lisa van den Burg

On December 6th, I met multi-sensory storyteller Grace Boyle in an online session of Meet the Makers. This initiative is part of Transmission in Motion, which is a research community that provides a platform for meetings, seminars, and presentations between researchers, artists, and students from across disciplines. Grace is the founder and director of the…

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“Manipulation of the Senses, VR and Gender” – Andrina Imboden

In the Transmission in Motion seminar Meet the Makers: Grace Boyle on the 6th of December 2021, Lianne Toussaint moderated a talk with the multi-sensory storyteller Grace Boyle. This resulted in an inspiring discussion on the manipulation of the senses in art, virtual reality, and cross-modal correspondences, to name only a few of the topics….

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“Opening Your Ears to the World Around You” – Rogier Hornman

What would have been an experimental set-up a decade ago, is now an ingrained praxis: seeing others, hearing others, while hovering my fingers over a touchpad to read a chat. This set-up was the stage for Grace Boyle and Lianne Toussaint at the Meet the Makers meeting on December 6th, 2021, organized by the workgroup…

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“The Summoning of “Ghostware” Translating Media Archeology into Imaginary Media as a Tactic of Speculative Interfacing” – Olga Efremova

This reflection stems directly from my previous one titled Plato’s Back, a consideration of how the theory of affect can be instrumental in understanding the historical context and consequences of translating Plato’s work into German in the first decades of the 20th century. The reason for linking these two pieces is that both are informed…

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