Transmission in Motion


[Recap] TiM Seminar 2022-23 “The Medium is a Medium — Intersecting Technology and Spirituality in a More-than-human World” – Evelyn Wan (UU)

  by Pauline Munnich     In the session “The Medium is a Medium” Evelyn Wan explored the intersection between technology and spirituality, reflecting on how intertwined the more-than-human world and technology have been throughout history.   Dali Wan started by showing a video about an AI experience created by the Salvador Dali Museum in…

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Book Launch: Doing Dramaturgy and What Dramaturgy Can Do

    Join us for the festive launch of Doing Dramaturgy: Thinking Through Practice (Palgrave 2023) and the revamped Dramaturgy Database of Utrecht University. Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink and Maaike Bleeker speak about making theatre as a process of thinking through practice and dramaturgy as attending to such practices of making-thinking. How can we conceptualize doing dramaturgy today…

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In Defence of Ephemerality – Chris van der Vegt

    Laura Karreman concluded her lecture in the Transmission in Motion series with a couple of elements of the imaginary surrounding motion capture in performance that she had identified. One of these items was that motion capture can enable a kind of “saviour’s complex” toward dance and performance, trying to protect the art from…

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[Recap] TiM Seminar 2022-23 “Cultural Dreams of Datafied Bodies in Contemporary Performance” – Laura Karreman (UU)

  by Pauline Munnich   In the session “Cultural Dreams of Datafied Bodies in Contemporary Performance” Laura Karreman discusses recent artworks arising from the cultural imagination of bodies in movement and motion capture. She does this by focusing on dance, illustrating the link between movement and the motion capture imaginary, drawing on her book Embodied…

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Meet the Makers: Neo Muyanga

    In this session, Neo Muyanga presents the making of his recent production, ‘A Maze in Grace’, at the 34th São Paolo Art Biennale (2020). Amazing Grace was reportedly one of the hymns of solidarity that resounded spontaneously among those locals who gathered first at Ground Zero – the lower Manhattan district in New…

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