Transmission in Motion


AI and the Accessibility Tool – Pauline Munnich

    In the seminar “Social Imaginaries of Ethics and AI” we discussed and explored the ethics around AI, focusing on four positions that tend to be taken when it comes to imagining future possibilities for AI. The four positions were constructed around two axes: the axis of dystopian-utopian and the axis of pragmatic and…

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The Ethics of Ambiguous AI – Dominique Ubbels

    Two weeks before TIM’s fourth session “Social imaginaries of ethics and AI”, my friends and I started to obsess over The Chat GPT, a chatbot recently launched by OpenAI. Our discussions tended towards the “dystopian-speculative” view that was one of the common attitudes towards AI discussed by the speakers Sonja Rebecca Rattay, Irina…

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[Recap] TiM Seminar 2022-23 “Social Imaginaries of Ethics and AI” – Sonja Rebecca Rattay and Irina Shklovski (Copenhagen University) and Marco Rozendaal (TuDelft)

  by Jakob Henselmans   1. Note on the online environment Everybody should join the MIRO-board. There will be an interactive session at the end.   2.Very short introduction by Maaike Bleeker.   3. Sonja Rebecca Rattay – introduction to research: Design practices, ethics and praxis; how social imaginaries provide frames for how AI’s are…

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[Recap] TiM Seminar 2022-23 “Collaboration and Dissensus in the Experimental Arts and Innovation Policy” – Michael Century (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

  by Job Santé   During the second seminar of the Transmission in motion seminar programme Michael Century presented his recently published book Northern Sparks:  Innovation, Technology Policy and the Arts in Canada from Expo 67 to the Internet Age, In doing so he illustrated the ways in which Canadian policy-making had shaped the ways…

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Robotic Ritual – Job Santé

    The third session of the Transmission in Motion seminar was centred around the topic of “robotic imaginaries”. During the presentations that took part in the session, one project stood out for me, namely the NAO: Re-wired project by the Ulrike Quade Company.[1] Within this project, a so-called NAO robot was deconstructed and rewired…

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The Unbecoming of my Broken Laptop – Pauline Munnich

    What does it mean to design and perform as a robot? In the seminar “Robotic Imaginaries” several speakers discussed how theatre and robots informed each other and how by bringing robots to the theatre it opened up new ways of designing robots and new imaginaries of what robots can be. Where before I…

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