Transmission in Motion


“Tacit Knowledge in Matter and Motion” – Lisa-Maria van Klaveren

In his presentation, Nicolas Salazar Sutil offers a new beginning, reaching back to pre-historic knowledge. This opening, that he is mapping out in his forthcoming book Matter in Transmission (Bloomsbury), overcomes the idea that transmission is only possible in conventional telecommunicational forms, such as electricity, radio-waves, microwave and infra-red. Instead, he invites elements – water,…

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“Transmission in Motion Seminar” (2017-2018)

Technological developments inform the ways information travels through media, turn archives into ‘dynarchives,’ and set knowledge cultures in motion. Such developments foreground the performativity of practices of transmission and the materiality of mediation; moreover, they point to movement and embodiment as key to both transmission and mediation. Moving images, motion capture, virtual mobility, mobile media,…

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Transmission in Motion invites you to their 1st event!

We proudly inaugurate a series of events organized by the research community Transmission in Motion! For its first event, Transmission in Motion invited four renowned researchers to Utrecht to share their knowledge about the “possible” influence of the arts in the development of social robots. Ruairi Glynn, (Associate professor at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London), Elizabeth Jochum (Associate at…

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