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“An enactive approach to learning” – Gido Broers

Initially, it was difficult to understand exactly what Nathalie Sinclair was talking about in her seminar, which was called “Multiplication as Experience: Whitehead, aesthetics and gesture-based, touchscreen technology”. It took some time before I realized that the educational tool that Sinclair proposed – TouchTimes, a touchscreen application with which young children practice the skill of…

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“The Museum as a Constructed, Performative Space” – Mavi Irmak Karademirler

Sarah Bay Cheng’s talk “Everybody’s Historiography: History, Performance, and Playing the Digital in Museum” pointed out to several ways of approaching the digital history, which could be examined around a performance spectrum. Drawing mainly from her experience in the POLIN Museum in Warsaw, Bay-Cheng highlighted some of the critical issues arise with the digitisation of…

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“An interactive approach to history” – Gido Broers

Sarah Bay-Cheng, who is an excellent speaker, explained in her seminar “Everybody’s Historiography: When Museums Play Digital Games” how museums nowadays use digital and interactive elements in their exhibitions to make the visitor more than just a passive voyeur who perceives a representation of a certain historical event ‘as it is’. Instead, the visitor is…

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“The Museum between the Physical and the Virtual” – Dennis Jansen

One of the major themes in Sarah Bay-Cheng’s recent lecture on “History, Performance, and Playing the Digital in Museums” was the use of mixed reality in modern museums; that is, the blending of physical artefacts and set pieces with digital interfaces, screens and games. She argued that, as museums engage increasingly often with digital technologies,…

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“Walking Through The Jewish Street: A Digital Co-Creation Of history (ies)” – Laura Jimenez Rojas

Nowadays museums are exploring new ways of communication. Digital technologies are opening new paths of experiences within museum spaces. Interactivity and multidirectional participation are being enhanced by the incorporation of digital technologies. As technologies change, so should the practices around them. Sarah Bay-Cheng invited us to see a new perspective on the relationship amongst museums,…

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“Experience is an Ongoing Testing” – Laura Jimenez Rojas

What does it mean to go beyond representation when we think about atmosphere? Is not atmosphere a “celestial body” composed of nitrogen, oxygen and argon as described by science? Derek McCormack invited us to think of atmosphere beyond this scientific approach to nature. He invited us to think of atmosphere as an elemental medium to be experienced,…

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