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“Skilled Practice, Merging Thinking with Doing” – Mavi Irmak Karademirler

After the last Transmission of Motion seminar with Tim Ingold, I was left with a vivid picture of him, as he described his experience of playing the cello. His talk revolved around the notions of experience, creativity, and habit to question the differences of bodily automatisms and skilled craft. To understand the differences between habitual…

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“What to do with the ‘doing undergoing’?” – Gido Broers

Let me start by saying that Tim Ingold gave an interesting talk – “On doing undergoing: Experience, Imagination and the Principle of Habit” – about what it means to do something habitually and to master a certain skill, which also raises more general questions about attention & intention, embodiment and cognitive systems. For Ingold, doing…

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“Embodied Literacy, Skill, and Habit” – Dennis Jansen

Lately, I am becoming increasingly fascinated by the embodied aspects of digital games and digital gameplay. If Brendan Keogh (2018) is to be believed, we cannot truly understand how we perceive and make sense of games without taking into account the fact that we are directing our eyes at the screen, aiming our ears at…

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“From Linelanders to Geographers of Thought” – Laura Jimenez Rojas

The first TiM session of 2019 had a great beginning. The guest was the anthropologist Tim Ingold. The talk was about “On Doing Undergoing: experience, imagination and the principle of habit”. We had the opportunity to have a glimpse of Ingold’s phenomenological approach in the context of his “dwelling perspective”. The guiding question for this session was:…

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“Exploring Movement, Embodiment and Gesture with Mathematics” – Mavi Irmak Karademirler

The last seminar by Nathalie Sinclair made me think about the relationship between mathematics, gestures and the role of our bodily movements in doing, learning, understanding mathematics.  Discussing the current position of touch-screen technologies, from the case of TouchCounts– an application Sinclair developed for mainly performing multiplication- we went on to think about multiplication as…

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“An enactive approach to learning” – Gido Broers

Initially, it was difficult to understand exactly what Nathalie Sinclair was talking about in her seminar, which was called “Multiplication as Experience: Whitehead, aesthetics and gesture-based, touchscreen technology”. It took some time before I realized that the educational tool that Sinclair proposed – TouchTimes, a touchscreen application with which young children practice the skill of…

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