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“Sewing, sewing, sewing” – Jose Hopkins B.

In her book Travelling Concepts in the Humanities: A Rough Guide, Mieke Bal (2002) presents us with a particular way to understand the performance of concepts and its relation with subjects and objects. She argues that concepts are not fixed as they travel between disciplines, individual scholars, geographically dispersed academic communities and so on. Therefore,…

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“A contextualization of interdisciplinarity” – Gido Broers

What is context? Since context is a concept that can be applied to many domains and functions as a base for interdisciplinary research (and practice), it is relevant to start here with a brief description of this concept, as described by Kaiyu Wan: The word “context” is derived from the Latin words con (meaning “together”)…

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“The open dramaturgy of a digital archive project” – Gido Broers  

Eef Masson addressed in her lecture “Experience and Experimentation in the Sensory Moving Image Archive Project” several issues with regards to digital archives, and more specifically in the context of the Sensory Moving Image Archive Project. The aim of this project is “to establish how these groups [artists, the creative industries and researchers] can explore,…

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“Sense-ing the Digital Archive” – Dennis Jansen

The archive in digital space, whether born-digital or digitized from an existing collection, presents us with a variety of challenges related to its ontology. The first instinct may be to say that the digital is a deceptively ‘flattening’ medium—while it ostensibly contains all other media, it reduces their materiality to pieces of software displayed on a…

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“The Politics of Categories: Navigating through archives as we navigate through the world” -Jose Hopkins Brocq

Archives, as we know them, are usually associated with academic fascinations as repositories and containers of the past, proving old materiality with an added value of originality and therefore, validity. According to Helen Freshwater, the ways of approaching the archives have changed after their consolidation as an accumulation of documentary evidence in the first decades…

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“Solar Canoes to Navigate the Technosphere” – Laura Jimenez Rojas

What is the connection between technology, environment, and race? Are the utopic promises of an inclusive space in the ‘technosphere’[1] impossible to reach? Is it time to question how the stratification of cyberspace leads to an uneven distribution of global scale? Arun Saldanha reflected upon some aspects of these questions. The title of his presentation…

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