Transmission in Motion

Visiting Scholars

Jon McKenzie – Centre for the Humanities SPRING Festival Fellow (May 2018)

During his stay, McKenzie participated in several activities (co-)organized by Transmission in Motion. He was part of the City Symposium, and of a masterclass within the context of the SPRING Festival. He also gave a performance-lecture for the TiM Seminar with Aneta Stojnic. You can see the video of the performance-lecture here.

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Jon McKenzie is Dean’s Fellow for Media and Design and Visiting Professor of English at Cornell University. He is the author of Perform or Else: From Discipline to Performance and such essays as “Laurie Anderson for Dummies,” “Democracy’s Performance,” and “Global Feeling: (Almost) All You Need Is Love.” His work has been translated into a half-dozen languages. McKenzie’s StudioLab pedagogy combines seminar, studio, and lab activities to bring scholarship to communities and policy-makers. He also creates experimental videos and gives workshops on performative scholarship and transmedia knowledge. In 2013, HOBO Art Foundation and the New Theatre of Warsaw co-produced Disastronauts, an experimental theatre work with dance and Theremins based on Perform or Else and his video The Revelations of Dr. Kx4l3ndj3r.