Transmission in Motion

Partners – SPRING




SPRING presents new developments within the international performing arts today, with a focus on the crossovers between dance, theatre, and performance and on art in public space. SPRING does this by organizing two festivals each year; the ten-day SPRING Performing Arts Festival in May and the three-day SPRING in Autumn in the fall. The festivals feature a wide range of exciting and distinctly original (inter)national performances from innovative artists and choreographers, who dare to take risks and have no problems with crossing genres. The performances take place in the theatres but also on unexpected locations and public spaces within the city Utrecht.

SPRING has a longlasting partnership with Transmission in Motion. They have co-organized a wide range of events, including the Performing Robots Conference (2019), Masterclasses with renowned scholars, such as Peter Eckersall in 2019 and John McKenzie in 2018, as well as a City Symposium (2018).

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