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The possibility of criticising the technical – Martin Essemann

    The framing of music as writing, as fundamentally techical in the broadest sense, and the implicit inflation of technics and culture that seemed to underly the presentation, is perhaps a delayed response in the field of musicology to the questions about Modernism in visual art that arose in the middle of the last…

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“The Summoning of “Ghostware” Translating Media Archeology into Imaginary Media as a Tactic of Speculative Interfacing” – Olga Efremova

This reflection stems directly from my previous one titled Plato’s Back, a consideration of how the theory of affect can be instrumental in understanding the historical context and consequences of translating Plato’s work into German in the first decades of the 20th century. The reason for linking these two pieces is that both are informed…

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“Plato’s Back: Translating Greek philosopher’s ideas into “new politics of German stage”” – Olga Efremova

The second session of the Transmission in Motion 2021-22 series contextualized philosophical and cultural appropriation of Plato in German thought in the period leading to German industrialization and the rise of National-Socialism (Utrecht University 2021). Paul Ziche situated the translations and interpretation of Plato’s works against the backdrop of the publishing milieu of the time,…

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“Specifying Modern Totality” – Martin Essemann

Two central questions were left at the end of today’s seminar on Plato and the rise of German Nationalism. One participant questioned the uniqueness of the relationship between modernism and German fascism: can equal connections and parallels not be drawn between other instantiations of totalitarianism and modernism? Either by looking at the rise and fall…

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“The Ethics of Simple Solutions” – Martin Essemann

It was difficult not to understand Zarzycka’s presentation in relation to Google’s decision to fire two of its top ethical AI researchers earlier this year. Zarzycka brought up this controversial decision herself in trying to elaborate on her own difficulties and feelings about becoming a Googler, but she is, understandably, not in a position to…

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“Can Business Ethics Change Academia?” – Minke ten Berge

During the first session within the Transmission in Motion Seminar of 2021/2022, Marta Zarzycka spoke about her transition from academia to being a User Experience (UX) Researcher in the commercial tech industry, specifically at Google Cloud. There are some profound differences between academia and the tech industry, but what spoke most to me during this…

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