Transmission in Motion

Partners – Museum Speelklok




Museum Speelklok is one of the typical Dutch sights which is a definite must-see! Visitors will be taken to the wonderful world of self-playing musical instruments, where they get mesmerized by intriguing techniques and can listen to the cheerful music that will surround them. A fun day out in Utrecht for children and adults.

During a visit to the typical Dutch Museum Speelklok centuries-old self-playing musical instruments will play their best tunes. The history of these instruments started back in the 16th century in the Netherlands with the use of church carillons. Over time, the general desire of people to be surrounded by music, led to the invention of all sorts of self-playing musical instruments: musical clocks, musical boxes, orchestrions (self-playing orchestras) and the traditional Dutch street organs. All of these instruments, including the famous street organ named Arabier and the so-called 8th world wonder the Violina, can be admired and heard during the lively Musical Tour.

The collaboration between Museum Speelklok and Transmission in Motion dates back to the research group’s humble beginnings and continues until now. In 2018, the “Robotic Musicianship” Symposium with Gil Weinberg & David Abbink was co-organized and, last year, Museum Speelklok was a sponsor for the Performing Robots Conference (2019)

If you want to know more about Museum Speelklok: Website