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Phd Projects

“Projecting Knowledge: Science for the People” – Dulce da Rocha Gonçalves

This research is part of Prof. Dr. Frank Kessler’s project “Projecting Knowledge – The Magic Lantern as a Tool for Mediated Science Communication in the Netherlands, 1880-1940”. More specifically, a historical survey will be conducted on illustrated public lectures in the Netherlands between 1880 and 1940: what scholarly and scientific themes were presented? Who were the speakers and which audiences were addressed? What kind of slides were projected and what presentation strategies were used? These are some of the questions that will guide this research into articles, advertisements and announcements in digitized newspapers, but also in specific collections of magic lantern slides and local archives.

Dulce da Rocha Gonçalves was born in Porto, Portugal in 1983. She has a background in visual arts, design, cinema and animation and she has been a lecturer in higher education for several years. In 2018, she received her second master’s degree (cum laude) in Film and Photographic Studies from Leiden University, in the Netherlands. Her thesis focused on media archaeology and the archive. She started her PhD in Utrecht University in December 2018.

For more information, you can visit the project’s website