Transmission in Motion

Seminar Sessions

TiM Recorded Session: “Post-Publishing and Performative Publications” – Dr. Janneke Adema

This is the 6th session of the TiM seminar which took place via Microsoft Teams

In this talk, Janneke introduces the concept of post-publishing and explore it more in-depth through an exploration of a selection of publishing projects, which highlight how the mode in which we produce, disseminate and consume text, influences the content and meaning of the text, or the way we interpret it. In this context, thinking about publishing as post-publishing highlights how publishing itself, and in particular, the platforms on which we publish should be conceived as an integral part of the research process, as inherently shaping it. The talk is followed by a Q&A.

The session was organized with the support of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Utrecht University.

Title Image: “Difference Forms” visualization from Synchronous Objects (2009) by William Forsythe, Maria Palazzi and Norah Zuniga Shaw.